Pursuing deliciousness
taking care of customers

Our company opened in 1976
The origin of our business is Melrose, a small coffee shop with only a counter.

HARBS began by offering cakes to enrich your coffee time.
“A cake that will satisfy your soul with just one bite.”
is the starting point for HARBS cake making.
In XNUMX, the first HARBS store, the current Sakae main store, opened in Sakae, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture.

We were particular about the size of size 8 (24cm in diameter).
Because I pursued emotional satisfaction.
The amount of sweetness, the way the cream and sponge create air,
Pursuing the exquisite timing and balance of matching materials,
Additives for shape retention are kept to a minimum
I arrived at the taste of herbs with a smooth texture.
Without fixed concepts and without seeking efficiency
This recipe was made possible because we pursued deliciousness.

HARBS has been around for XNUMX years since its founding.
Rather than focusing on new releases and events
Approximately 50 recipes that have been carefully cultivated
Constantly improving and providing customers with the same deliciousness
We have continued to provide "universal value."

Then, in 2014, HARBS NYC was opened.
We want to deliver to the world the deliciousness that has been painstakingly and carefully made by hand.
A new challenge for HARBS has begun.

Since our founding, we have continued to cherish our hearts without forgetting,
This is our desire for our customers to be happy when they eat delicious food.
We hand-make our products using carefully selected ingredients and deliver them fresh to our stores, allowing you to enjoy the deliciousness of freshly made products.
We will spare no effort to achieve this and will continue to take on challenges.

Taking care of "tastiness" means taking care of "customers".
We want you to feel “delicious” from the bottom of your heart.
Through the coffee time spent at our store,
We hope that many people will have a fulfilling time here.